Red Bull King of the air 2019

Here we go again!! From January 26th to February 10th 2019 the “Red Bull King of the Air” returns: a main event for all kitesurf lovers not to be missed.


This year’s King of the Air is spectacular. Important names of former champions are included in the list of participants such as Jesse Richman (2013), Kevin Langaree (2014 and 2018), Aaron Hadlow (2015 and 2016) and Nick Jacobsen (2017 but out of the competition in 2018  caused by an injury to the fibula).

The novelty of this year was undoubtedly the inscription of Carlos Mario, world-renowned athlete and multiple champion in the wakestyle discipline, who came in first in the Air Games GKA 2018 beating Jesse Richman.

The Red Bull King of the Air participants are divided into 2 groups:

9 King top riders of the year 2018

9 top riders in the online video ranking

Qualified Athletes from the previous King

  • Steven Akkersdijk (The Netherlands)
  • Sam Light (Great Britain)
  • Jesse Richman (USA)
  • Liam Whaley (Spain)
  • Lewis Crathern (Great Britain)
  • Lasse Walker (The Netherlands)
  • Kevin Langeree (The Netherlands)
  • Gijs Wassenaar (The Netherlands)
  • Aaron Hadlow (Great Britain)

Qualified athletes online

  • Aurelien Petreau (France)
  • Ruben Lenten (The Netherlands)
  • Ross Dillon Player (South Africa)
  • Posito Martinez (Dominican Republic)
  • Nick Jacobsen (Denmark)
  • Mark Jacobs (New Zealand)
  • Joshua Emanuel (South Africa)
  • Jerrie Van der Kopp (The Netherlands)
  • Carlos Mario (Brazil)
red bull king of the air
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As we all know, the famous energy drink company, often sponsors extreme sporting events, where athletes from all over the world compete in spectacular and extreme acrobatics.

The relationship between Red Bull and kitesurfing began in 2000 on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Precisely in Ho’okipa, a spot mainly frequented by windsurfers. Back then, kites were certainly not as well developed as they are now. Power was their main characteristic and maneuverability and safety were still far from being practical and functional as today. The competition was won by those who reached the maximum height.

The island of Maui has been the home of the King of the Air for 5 years. Unfortunately, however, the spectacularity of the jumps that the riders performed resulted as “nothing new” and “already seen”. The athletes and the audience moved to other branches such as the wakestyle or wavestyle strapless.

Around 2008, the development of equipment and the hunger for adrenaline, pushed athletes like Ruben Lenten to challenge ever more extreme seas and winds. It was then that the megaloop was born: a gigantic kiteloop that rotates below the rider, which is often at a height of more than 10 meters.

After 8 years, in 2013, the Red Bull King of the Air returns to arouse interest and spectacularity. This time in the South African scenario of Big Bay. Here, 24 champions of the big air compete for 8 hours. In front of an entranced audience, Jesse Richman prevails over opponents.

Since then, the King of The Air is held regularly every year in South Africa. The huge waves that are formed in Big Bay, in fact, allow athletes to “fly” in the sky and launch fantastic megaloops and acrobatics  leaving you speechless.